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Seth McIntyre

Project Manager

Everyone was very helpful and they listened to all my request for my business logo and it turned out amazing! I’m very happy with my choice here!

Dustin Harrison

Marketing Manager

Needed a logo done for a website and couldn’t be happier with the end result. I requested a few details and let Primer Branding do the rest. They delivered a logo that exceeded my expectations. I definitely recommend their services. Turnaround was insanely fast. Will use them again for any future projects.

Elsa McKenzie

Director of Sales

Working with Primer Branding has been an absolute breeze. A+ Service. A+ Quality. Designs were visually very appealing. I enjoyed thoroughly.

Andria Garcia

Brand Manager

When it comes to creating specialized, creative, and useful websites, no company can surpass Primer Branding. Thanks to their ability & skilled staff, our site has taken off in the search engines like a rocket.

Johnathan Smith


We are grateful for Primer Branding competence and help through the chat. I highly recommend Primer Branding for all design solutions & digital marketing needs.

Alex Fernandes

Operations Manager

Extremely professional company, quick turn-around times. We are extremely pleased with their services, and would recommend them to anyone looking for a great, professionally designed logo!

Virginia T. Kruse

Director of Sales

They are incredibly flexible and well-mannered. Their speedy delivery times, remarkable service and cost-effective rates has made us an undying client. Kudos to Primer Branding.

Mary E. Glover


I had an absolute blast working with Primer Branding. Everyone from my account manager to the designer was fantastic and very comprehensive.

Rose J. Cahill

Brand Manager

I cannot endorse them high enough, not just for their effort but also their incredible communiqué. I had an absolute pleasure dealing with them and they were beyond considerate.

Leslie K. Irby

Marketing Manager

We are really contented with our website, we had it rebuilt to be responsive and we are already observing the surge in number. This is wonderful.

Charles E. Williams

Operations Manager

I am pleased with the organized and clean layout of my webpage. All my inquiries were dealt with flawlessly and communication was excellent.

John M. Perez

Project Manager

Quick and did good work.

Andres L. Lovejoy

Project Manager

Professional and polite service. I encourage every business to reach Primer Branding if they are in need of an impeccable application and a consistent development partner.

Florine T. Erickson

Brand Manager

The people of Primer Branding are surely a talented bunch. Our application came out better than what we had originally planned. We don’t count them as someone we outsourced but we treat Primer Branding as a part of our resourceful team.

Mary R. Walker

Director of Sales

My experience with Primer Branding has been great and professional. Primer Branding had been recommended from many business partners so we thought of giving it a try regarding app development which was marvelous.

Tina D. Davidson


My business has seen a significant increase in profits ever since we launched our application. An investment well done and we are glad to have chosen Primer Branding for the task.

Marlene H. Smith

Operations Manager

We have nothing but amazing things to say about Primer Branding. Our experience was nothing short of picture-perfect and the quality of their work pleasantly surprised us.

Janis D. McDonald

Marketing Manager

Primer Branding is undoubtedly the best development group I have worked with. They have accomplished beyond my expectations. They just didn’t do what they were told in fact they gave their creative input throughout the process and I can sure say my application is better because of them.

Jane J. Carson

Brand Manager

Many other companies treat stationery designs as just smacking the logo on everything. Primer Branding get what it is to design stationery. Great Job and Keep it up Primer Branding.

Ruth D. Steele

Project Manager

I am happy I chose them for branding for all my companies. I am a happy client. You won’t regret working with them.

Valerie R. Crook

Operations Manager

Amazing creativity shown by the people of Primer Branding.

Dara H. Ray

Marketing Manager

Their stationery designs were amazing and customer support was responsive. 10/10 for Primer Branding.

Kevin V. Chin

Director of Sales

Before going with Primer Branding, I had tried many different companies but they were never up to the mark. Primer Branding was able to grasp what I wanted. Brilliant work.

Rosa W. Akins


This is my third time working with Primer Branding. I first contacted them for my logo, then my website and now stationery designs. I am impressed and more than satisfied.

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